We are your hope, your light, but we also are your sadness and your inner darkness


ayy so ye I hate to tell a story of why I need a new laptop which I will put under a read more cuz who wants to read it anyway amirite?

so yah nephew spilled water on muh 2GB laptop which stopped working for a couple of days and now it lags 4 times as much and half of the screen is pitch black almost so ye Im gonna take on commission until my birthday ;w; so hopefully I make enough to buy another one or enough to fix my old one ;3; but ye if you want to read why I can’t afford on myself its under a read more REBLOGS ARE GREATLY APPRECIATED ;7; if you are interested please E-mail me at hambuger_91@hotmail.com or OR if you don’t want my art but you carry a heart of gold then you could always donate ;w; its on my page   http://animoo-oo.tumblr.com/  or you can note me on DA http://animoo.deviantart.com/ ……okay I JUST noticed I can’t put it under a read more //sobs but I’ll shorten it ;w; okay so I would buy myself a new laptop but for the following reasons I can’t I work minimum wage as a cashier but due to my mom getting sick she can’t be left alone so I work on weekends only which makes my check $230 the MOST every 2 weeks which is barely enough to pay the internet for me and the T.V. for my mom and whatever is left it goes to food,gas,and clothes*not buying them washing them* so ye also I literally have no life and I lost all of my RL friends cuz I have no phone so I don’t hang out or nothin so ye besides work the only other thing I do is take care of my mom and be on my laptop which is the only other thing I can do so ye please ;3; help a poor P.O.S   


Apologize if post isn’t the best quality. Had a problem with uploading and had to cut the file in half. CLICK FOR BETTER QUALITY. 

This is the first giveaway I’m doing so I decided to stick mostly to posters for now. Next giveaway will be around December or New Years. It will have more heavy duty things. 


There will be 3 winners chosen. Anyone from CANADA, USA, OR THE UK.

You must be okay with giving me your full address if chosen as a one of the winners. 

You must REBLOG ONCE (so you don’t annoy your followers with reblogs) and LIKE the post to enter. I WILL BE CHECKING.

You don’t have to be following me.

Giveaway ends AUGUST 4TH. I will announce the winners and message them. If winners don’t respond in 24 hours, I will pick someone else.

Have your ask box open.

7. Everything is good and in perfect condition. I will ship everything as safely as possible to the winners. 

8. Any questions, message me. 

1st winner:

-Both Attack on Titan volumes.

-One of the necklaces (either the Survey Corps one or L’s L)

-3 of the 21x15 or 15x21 posters.

-3 of the KLK posters.

-Extra (I will message you details on that)


2nd winner :

-One of the necklaces (the one left after 1st person choses)

- 2 of the 21x15 or 15x21 posters.

- 2 of the KLK posters.

-Extra (I will message you details on that)


3rd winner:

- 2 of the 21x15 or 15x21 posters.

- 2 of the KLK posters.

-Extra (I will message you details on that)